I’m actually really really sad that Parenthood is ending after this season that started tonight. Best show on television in my opinion.

Tomorrow will be the second time this week that I’m not even close tobeing prepared for a quiz and I just dont care….WHO AM I???

I just feel like at this point its so not worth it…all these petty things. You can tell I’m definitely ready to be done with school for a while.

Inspiration for the week

Inspiration for the week

why is it that sometimes i have no plans and feel so anti social, and then other times every person i know wants to hang out with me all at the same time?? I like wanna see everyone but I also need to sleep and recover from my week and do my work. wheres the balance?

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I’m sitting here procrastinating work that I should have started 3 days ago and looking at my schedule and crying a little bit.

I am literally going to have no free time ever and will probably take the whole weekend to recover. There is not going to be time for fun. Oy.

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okay. i have my brother’s wedding to be in and a recital in 7-8 months…no better time like the present to really focus on my health and losing some weight so i feel good about how i look in both those things!

it moments like these, I really regret doing a dual degree program…its just so much, always and I never know where to put my focus.

But then I think about how far I’ve come, and I’m proud of myself.

I start my second year of teaching voice lessons tomorrow, and its amazing what I know now compared to last year at this time.

I’ll accomplish everything…somehow