I feel bad about myself and the way I look and how unhealthy I am…and then I eat french fries at 1am.

I have problems.


Sara Bareilles - Chandelier (Sia cover)

I basically died when this happened

I really thought summer was supposed to be a break from the craziness of the year…

But it’s been anything but that…

And now I have to move again in literally a week and I’m so stressed about it I could scream because I do not feel prepared.

And I have to go to a FARM on Friday. In the sun. with smelly animals. and 5 year old children…which is also making me feel like I want to scream.

Cant I just curl up in a ball and sleep for a few days and stop life?

Ive never been so ready to go back to school. Oof.

I’m watching The Babysitter’s Club…this movie is like my childhood

Dear Sara Bareilles, you are an incredibly amazing person…why are we not BFFs??

Of course I have a cold on top of everything else. Of course.

Why not?

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