And work from there


And work from there

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I’m in a mood…and I wish i wasn’t, but I can’t get rid of it.

On another note, tomorrow might be my last first day of school in September ever. Thats really kinda weird.

Also, I’ve officially been living in NYC for a year. Thats awesome and crazy and exciting and I hope I make it to 10.

community. if it kills me i will make more of a community of these people this year.

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I get so happy about being organized…its kinda sad really.

Re-watching “Girls” from the beginning of season 1 and hoping that takes my mind off of my own life

I’m at that point where I want to crawl in my bed and curl up in a little ball because Im thinking about the stress of the upcoming semester and I dont wanna deal. I was excited and now Im just worried.

This too shall pass.